Better than real-time – event-driven email marketing from J. Crew

I’ve noticed a trend with quasi-real-time marketing content. Not so spontaneous to seem slightly desperate, not so pre-planned to appear out of touch. Nice job, J. Crew. I’d be curious to learn more about how this email performed compared to non-event-triggered messaging. It certainly got my interest through a timely subject and intro line, and the event (snowstorm) ties in nicely with the purpose (ecommerce shopping).

Photo of the email blast in question after the jump.
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13. February 2014 by jamesfacts
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There’s No Parking In Brooklyn – A Visual Study

I’m fascinated by the diverse array of “No Parking” signs that sprout behind Brooklyn curb cuts. They’re little slices of folk art hidden in plain sight.

Despite the universal need for “NO PARKING” signage, there’s little consensus on their appearance. I see old-school Brooklyn, hipster Bushwick and graffiti kids in every driveway.

Signs can be threatening or matter of fact; professional or comically childish. A ubiquitous, yet hardly uniform feature of the urban landscape.

You can find the complete collection of 2013 Brooklyn No Parking photos over on my Tumblr.

No Parking in Brooklyn

04. January 2014 by jamesfacts
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I’m Looking For A Code Project

I’ve long been interested in  front-end web development, so recently I decided to set aside the time really dig in and study Javascript, CSS and HTML seriously. These studies are only as useful as the practice they’re put to, so I’d love to map out a real-life web site I can build from scratch and deploy for real users.

code project

Do you know of a project or organization who needs help building their web presence? A bit about my capabilities: I’m proficient in the usual front-end tools: CSS, JS and HTML. I don’t have significant back-end expertise, so my ideal project will not involve a database or CMS. I’m interested in taking the General Assembly FEWD course, so I may end up using this practice project as a class exercise.

Of course I plan to take a heavily discounted rate compared to what more seasoned pros might charge. For the right cause I’ll work pro bono. If you think you’ve got an idea that might interest me, please get in touch and we can chat more about what you’d like to build.

21. June 2013 by jamesfacts
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Mark Bittman

Client: Mark Bittman, ahead of the launch of his new book VB6.

Work Performed: Site strategy, WordPress optimization, SEO


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09. May 2013 by jamesfacts
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What’s Wrong With $200 A Month For SM Content?

I have a client who recently asked if I would manage his brand’s social media accounts for a small retainer – $200 a month. He mentioned he had seen several small business SM consultants in his area offering content services as cheap as $95 per month and was surprised I wasn’t interested in offering anything similar.


He’s right. There are plenty of self-proclaimed social media “gurus” that do that kind of work. It’s rude to name names, but we’ve all seen “consultants” happy to fill your company’s Twitter account with inspirational quotes, engaging questions and blow-by-blow breakfast recaps. But I’m not one of them – it’s precisely that type of social media content that gives all of us in the biz a bad name.  

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28. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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Why do Seamless ads appeal to Recluses and Trolls?


If you’ve been in the NYC subway recently, you’ve probably seen a very thorough campaign run by I love using Seamless, but it seems to me this campaign strikes an odd tone that fundamentally misunderstands the value in their service.

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05. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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What I Learned From Starting an Auto Shop

When I was a college sophomore in 2006, I opened a specialty auto shop with two friends. We had classes and regular jobs, but thought a small shop could be an interesting side project to utilize a unique skillset we happened to possess. The three of us had experience conducting a very specific modification - retrofitting older Subaru models with newer, more powerful factory drivetrains. The shop soon grew faster than any of us would have guessed – until running it had entirely consumed each of our lives.

The timing wasn’t right for me to manage that level of commitment, and I moved on, but the shop did well and remains in business today.

An early shot inside the shop

An early shot inside the shop

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20. February 2013 by jamesfacts
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New Site Live For Meurice Garment Care

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of one of my favorite projects in 2012 – an all-new web site for Meurice Garment Care. It’s the result of months of work, and is built on key insights from traffic on the previous Meurice site as well as feedback from mangment, staff, and of course, customers.

The new look for

The new look for

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15. October 2012 by jamesfacts
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What’s in a (Domain) Name?

With most of my clients, the first challenge in building an online presence is choosing a domain name. While new social networks and Web 2.0 platforms sprout like weeds, the anchor of your web properties should always be your very own dotcom.

Your very own dotcom

Picking a domain is more art than science, but that won’t stop me from offering a few general tips:
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06. September 2012 by jamesfacts
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SEO for WordPress at Brooklyn Brainery

I’m really pumped to be teaching a class with the Brooklyn Brainery – an awesome organization dedicated to making learning fun and accessible. I’ve taken several classes with BK Brains over the past couple years and am a big fan of the organizers and mission.

The class I’ll host is on SEO for WordPress – a great fundamental skill for many small businesses trying to build a web presence. Your WordPress site is a chance to own your very own corner of the internet, and you can control all the variables in that space. It’s not possible to do much (on-page) SEO with a Twitter profile, for instance, but it’s easy and productive to get the details right on a WordPress site. 


Come through to see me spill (nearly) all my secrets on driving relevant traffic with WordPress! You can sign up for the class with the Brainery right here.

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01. September 2012 by jamesfacts
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