What, Why And How I Do

A large photo of James White

I’m a Brooklyn digital strategist, consultant and developer passionate about exploring how the internet is reshaping culture.

The internet is home to the most important conversations in literature, art, economics, music and food. The tools and businesses that fight inequality, spur creativity and expand knowledge live online. I’m on a mission to find the people who drive the internet’s impact on how we think and live, and bring their thinking to my weekly newsletter, HEY! This is important. I write about technology, entrepreneurialism and culture on Medium, and I teach at the Brooklyn Brainery.

My past clients include Amtrak, Colgate, numerous Random House authors, and many local NYC businesses. The projects I’m most excited about have focused on strategy, content marketing, social media, front-end web development and information architecture.

I’d love to hear from you. Say hello over on Twitter, or send me a message.