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Five Things You Need to Know To Hire A Freelance Developer


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There’s an acute lack of digital talent out in the wild. Every business — worm farmers to art dealers — knows it’s critical to be online. That means building a web site, creating a marketing presence and being active in social media. If you’re an employer, implementing this digital infrastructure can be confusing territory. Odds are, you don’t need a fulltime developer / web marketing expert / community manager on your team. But acquiring a freelancer means hiring and evaluating a skillset in which you may have little expertise. The internet landscape shifts so quickly, it’s hard to track exactly what is effective NOW unless you live and breathe web.

From a freelancer’s perspective, even one prepared with skills in strong demand, new clients are shrouded in uncertainty and frustration. Working productively means understanding a new brand and business goals in short order, while gently educating the client: what tools are necessary? what features are cruft? what content is useful?

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02. October 2014 by jamesfacts
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What’s Wrong With $200 A Month For SM Content?

I have a client who recently asked if I would manage his brand’s social media accounts for a small retainer – $200 a month. He mentioned he had seen several small business SM consultants in his area offering content services as cheap as $95 per month and was surprised I wasn’t interested in offering anything similar.


He’s right. There are plenty of self-proclaimed social media “gurus” that do that kind of work. It’s rude to name names, but we’ve all seen “consultants” happy to fill your company’s Twitter account with inspirational quotes, engaging questions and blow-by-blow breakfast recaps. But I’m not one of them – it’s precisely that type of social media content that gives all of us in the biz a bad name.  

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28. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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What I Learned From Starting an Auto Shop

When I was a college sophomore in 2005, I opened a specialty auto shop with two friends. We had classes and regular jobs, but thought a small shop could be an interesting side project to utilize a unique skillset we happened to possess. The three of us had experience conducting a very specific modification – retrofitting older Subaru models with newer, more powerful factory drivetrains. The shop soon grew faster than any of us would have guessed – until running it had entirely consumed each of our lives.

The timing wasn’t right for me to manage that level of commitment, and I moved on, but the shop did well and remains in business today.

An early shot inside the shop

An early shot inside the shop

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20. February 2013 by jamesfacts
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