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Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination

I recently spoke at a fantastic workshop put on by Fikriyyah George – the thinker and doer behind Brooklyn’s own SUPER HARBOR.

We covered a lot of ground in this presentation:

-figuring out which channels make sense for which businesses
-how to establish metrics and track your progress
-what a content strategy looks like, and where inspiration comes from
-where to find the conversations meaningful for you!
-how to reach an influencer (and their audiences!)

The entire presentation is linked below, or follow it over on Slideshare.

Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination from jamesfacts

22. September 2014 by jamesfacts
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Internet Culture Lives On Twitter


photo: Little Visuals

Twitter is the most valuable social network for anyone who earns a living thinking or making. It’s like eavesdropping on the cultural nerve center of the internet. Twitter is where ideas are born, where public intellectuals square off, and where the most noteworthy creativity on the internet bubbles to the surface.

Everyone has heard the lame old trope that likens Twitter to a water cooler. I would posit it more closely resembles a cocktail party. On Twitter, you get to select your guests, and they speak freely, sharing a glimpse into what is going on that matters.

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11. September 2014 by jamesfacts
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Want to take on the Fortune 500?

Start with social media. I’ve been meaning to contribute to Medium for some time, and I’ve just written my first story on the myriad ways very large corporations botch their presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Find the full story over on Medium.


05. August 2014 by jamesfacts
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There’s No Parking In Brooklyn – A Visual Study

I’m fascinated by the diverse array of “No Parking” signs that sprout behind Brooklyn curb cuts. They’re little slices of folk art hidden in plain sight.

Despite the universal need for “NO PARKING” signage, there’s little consensus on their appearance. I see old-school Brooklyn, hipster Bushwick and graffiti kids in every driveway.

Signs can be threatening or matter of fact; professional or comically childish. A ubiquitous, yet hardly uniform feature of the urban landscape.

You can find the complete collection of 2013 Brooklyn No Parking photos over on my Tumblr.

No Parking in Brooklyn

04. January 2014 by jamesfacts
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What’s Wrong With $200 A Month For SM Content?

I have a client who recently asked if I would manage his brand’s social media accounts for a small retainer – $200 a month. He mentioned he had seen several small business SM consultants in his area offering content services as cheap as $95 per month and was surprised I wasn’t interested in offering anything similar.


He’s right. There are plenty of self-proclaimed social media “gurus” that do that kind of work. It’s rude to name names, but we’ve all seen “consultants” happy to fill your company’s Twitter account with inspirational quotes, engaging questions and blow-by-blow breakfast recaps. But I’m not one of them – it’s precisely that type of social media content that gives all of us in the biz a bad name.  

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28. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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Google Plus For Local Businesses

As if there wasn’t enough for small business owners to stay on top of in the web already, Google+ continues to shake up the world of local business internet marketing. Google Places plays a critical role for many small businesses, so it’s important to pay attention whenever the rules of the game change.

New layout for Google Local pages with Google Plus

New layout for Google Local pages with Google Plus

Google Local pages are now transitioning to Google Plus Local pages, which means a new layout and content sections. Plus Local listings still appear in the organic search results in the traditional SERP views and map results, which account for the bulk of many small businesses’ web traffic.

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15. August 2012 by jamesfacts
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Meurice Garment Care in the Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing

I’ve worked with Meurice Garment Care for over three years, and in the process I’ve helped them revamp each aspect of their web presence – from the web site to paid advertising to social media. So it’s a nice feather in my cap to see Meurice featured as a case study in the recently published The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing.

I was interviewed for the book in December, but getting my hands on a published copy was humbling. Meurice’s 2,500 follower-strong Twitter account is discussed right in the second chapter, entitled “Twitter Done Right.” We’re directly after a company I’ve admired since I first got involved in digital marketing – Zappos!

More photos of the excerpt after the jump! And of course, I encourage everyone to buy the book on Amazon.


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15. June 2012 by jamesfacts
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Top Six Questions To Ask Before You Start Pinterest

The meteoric rise of Pinterest

The meteoric rise of Pinterest

There’s a new(ish) social network in town: Pinterest. The visual bookmarking site is fresh off an explosive 2011 – where it grew an astounding 4,000 percent!  Most traffic observers now think Pinterest is the third most popular social network, behind only Twitter and Facebook.

Plenty of marketers would like to tap into the firehose of traffic on Pinterest, but it’s disappointing to see that so few have made a genuine, wholehearted effort to contribute. It’s a shame to see lame, blatantly self-promotional pinboards. Pinterest may be new, but the principles of success here are the same as any other social network: in order to leverage the community, you must be prepared to contribute and add content of value.

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18. May 2012 by jamesfacts
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Create a Custom URL For Your Facebook Page

Facebook is impossible to escape in the social media world, but it can be surprisingly easy to overlook some basic details in setting up your page. Case in point: Facebook fan page URLs – often referred to as “Vanity URLs.”

What is a vanity URL? It’s a shorter version of the web address Facebook  automatically creates for your fan page. So, when you create a fan page for your awesome margarita mix buckets, Facebook assigns you a URL that looks something like this:

Not very catchy… certainly not something a client might remember if you mentioned it face-to-face or over the phone. Why Facebook does this by default is a mystery to me. A much better, easier to remember address would be something like:

The good news is – it couldn’t be easier to correct this issue. As long as you have more than 25 fans on your page, you’re eligible to choose your own URL (hope it’s not taken!) Just head over to Facebook’s user name page and pick out your desired URL. You can set the vanity URL here:

It’s really a very simple process to make your Facebook fan page more professional. Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns!

10. April 2012 by jamesfacts
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