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What’s in a (Domain) Name?

With most of my clients, the first challenge in building an online presence is choosing a domain name. While new social networks and Web 2.0 platforms sprout like weeds, the anchor of your web properties should always be your very own dotcom.

Your very own dotcom

Picking a domain is more art than science, but that won’t stop me from offering a few general tips:
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06. September 2012 by jamesfacts
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SEO for WordPress at Brooklyn Brainery

I’m really pumped to be teaching a class with the Brooklyn Brainery – an awesome organization dedicated to making learning fun and accessible. I’ve taken several classes with BK Brains over the past couple years and am a big fan of the organizers and mission.

The class I’ll host is on SEO for WordPress – a great fundamental skill for many small businesses trying to build a web presence. Your WordPress site is a chance to own your very own corner of the internet, and you can control all the variables in that space. It’s not possible to do much (on-page) SEO with a Twitter profile, for instance, but it’s easy and productive to get the details right on a WordPress site. 


Come through to see me spill (nearly) all my secrets on driving relevant traffic with WordPress! You can sign up for the class with the Brainery right here.

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01. September 2012 by jamesfacts
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Google Plus For Local Businesses

As if there wasn’t enough for small business owners to stay on top of in the web already, Google+ continues to shake up the world of local business internet marketing. Google Places plays a critical role for many small businesses, so it’s important to pay attention whenever the rules of the game change.

New layout for Google Local pages with Google Plus

New layout for Google Local pages with Google Plus

Google Local pages are now transitioning to Google Plus Local pages, which means a new layout and content sections. Plus Local listings still appear in the organic search results in the traditional SERP views and map results, which account for the bulk of many small businesses’ web traffic.

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15. August 2012 by jamesfacts
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Top Six Questions To Ask Before You Start Pinterest

The meteoric rise of Pinterest

The meteoric rise of Pinterest

There’s a new(ish) social network in town: Pinterest. The visual bookmarking site is fresh off an explosive 2011 – where it grew an astounding 4,000 percent!  Most traffic observers now think Pinterest is the third most popular social network, behind only Twitter and Facebook.

Plenty of marketers would like to tap into the firehose of traffic on Pinterest, but it’s disappointing to see that so few have made a genuine, wholehearted effort to contribute. It’s a shame to see lame, blatantly self-promotional pinboards. Pinterest may be new, but the principles of success here are the same as any other social network: in order to leverage the community, you must be prepared to contribute and add content of value.

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18. May 2012 by jamesfacts
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Boost Your Productivity, Tame Your Gmail Inbox

My clients are mostly small business owners or entrepreneurs – and every one of them is busy. It doesn’t surprise me to see them juggling client projects, managing employees, maintaining bookkeeping and finding time for their families. What does surprise me is that they’re able to – just barely – stay on top of their lives despite overstuffed, unsorted email inboxes.

Email is perhaps the most valuable tool for productivity of the digital age, but it takes some planning and commitment to get the most out of it. I give these folks a few simple tips to help them stay focused an productive by staying on top of their email, specifically Gmail.

Gmail inbox prior to cleaning

If it’s been some time since you’ve had a clear inbox, you might not realize why it’s such a powerful tool. Your email can be a second brain – with all your important contacts, figures, addresses close at hand. Just like it’s hard to find an important paper on a cluttered desk, an overstuffed inbox makes it much harder to locate specific information. All of your incoming mail – from proposal requests to calendar invites have a place of their own.

Ultimately, an unmanageable inbox makes you look unprofessional – adding to the time it takes to locate information, respond to clients and vendors, and distracting from the work you really want to do. Fortunately, it’s possible to take back your inbox in a single, intervention-style session, and with a few simple guidelines, you can keep that inbox organized and effective.

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24. April 2012 by jamesfacts
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Create a Custom URL For Your Facebook Page

Facebook is impossible to escape in the social media world, but it can be surprisingly easy to overlook some basic details in setting up your page. Case in point: Facebook fan page URLs – often referred to as “Vanity URLs.”

What is a vanity URL? It’s a shorter version of the web address Facebook  automatically creates for your fan page. So, when you create a fan page for your awesome margarita mix buckets, Facebook assigns you a URL that looks something like this:

Not very catchy… certainly not something a client might remember if you mentioned it face-to-face or over the phone. Why Facebook does this by default is a mystery to me. A much better, easier to remember address would be something like:

The good news is – it couldn’t be easier to correct this issue. As long as you have more than 25 fans on your page, you’re eligible to choose your own URL (hope it’s not taken!) Just head over to Facebook’s user name page and pick out your desired URL. You can set the vanity URL here:

It’s really a very simple process to make your Facebook fan page more professional. Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns!

10. April 2012 by jamesfacts
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