HEY! This Is Important: Vol. 12

HEY! This Is Important is a (semi) weekly series in which I examine developments in the past week that impact internet culture.


Big week for Net Neutrality! The fight to prevent telecommunications monopolies from ham-stringing upstarts isn’t over yet, but FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has released a proposal that hews closely to how most advocates agree the web should be regulated. For international perspective, Vlad Savov shares what he thinks the wider influence of sensible Net Neutrality rules might be.

Have you ever noticed those strained references to the “Big Game” as the Super Bowl draws near? A quick reminder: there’s no legal basis to avoid using the term “Super Bowl” when talking about the National Football League’s championship game.

I’ve been vaguely aware of the controversy around the founding of Model View Culture, but it wasn’t until last week I saw Amelia Greenhall’s side of the story. I’m saddened to see what looks like strong evidence that Shanley highjacked the vision (and credit) at MVC, in particular because there’s been such valuable coverage published here in the past.

Quiet Revolution is still under development, but I’m very excited to see what happens after launch. Introverts get pushed aside so often it’s about time there was a community for them.

I’m attending the IRL Club at Bell House tomorrow. If you can’t make it, maybe you’ll be interested in Leon Chang’s in-depth presentation on viral soda marketing among online niche communities?


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