HEY! This Is Important: Vol. 7

HEY! This Is Important is a (semi) weekly series in which I examine developments in the past week that impact internet culture.


I’ve long been curious about the story behind an elegant, Second Empire style marble building that backs up against the on-ramp to the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s the former Kings County Savings Bank, and in a twist reminiscent of the Germania Bank building, it’s privately owned by an artist and passionate caretaker, Yuko Nii. Oh yea, 80s artists McGough and McDermott used to keep their horses inside the building(!)

Shayla Love somehow finagled her way in, and the interior is a breathtakingly ornate 19th century time-capsule. Here’s hoping Nii can realize her vision for restoration.

In other time capsule news: there exists a town in West Virginia where wi-fi, Bluetooth, cell phones and even radio signals are banned by law. Evidently this settlement is attracting a new influx of residents who say they’re too sensitive to electronic devices to live anywhere else.

A pair of Swiss artists have scripted a bot that makes random purchases on the darknet, using a maximum of $100 worth of Bitcoin. To no one’s surprise, these purchases turn out to be highly illegal… but has anyone actually broken the law?


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02. January 2015 by jamesfacts
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