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Five Things You Need to Know To Hire A Freelance Developer


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There’s an acute lack of digital talent out in the wild. Every business — worm farmers to art dealers — knows it’s critical to be online. That means building a web site, creating a marketing presence and being active in social media. If you’re an employer, implementing this digital infrastructure can be confusing territory. Odds are, you don’t need a fulltime developer / web marketing expert / community manager on your team. But acquiring a freelancer means hiring and evaluating a skillset in which you may have little expertise. The internet landscape shifts so quickly, it’s hard to track exactly what is effective NOW unless you live and breathe web.

From a freelancer’s perspective, even one prepared with skills in strong demand, new clients are shrouded in uncertainty and frustration. Working productively means understanding a new brand and business goals in short order, while gently educating the client: what tools are necessary? what features are cruft? what content is useful?

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02. October 2014 by jamesfacts
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