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Five Things You Need to Know To Hire A Freelance Developer


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There’s an acute lack of digital talent out in the wild. Every business — worm farmers to art dealers — knows it’s critical to be online. That means building a web site, creating a marketing presence and being active in social media. If you’re an employer, implementing this digital infrastructure can be confusing territory. Odds are, you don’t need a fulltime developer / web marketing expert / community manager on your team. But acquiring a freelancer means hiring and evaluating a skillset in which you may have little expertise. The internet landscape shifts so quickly, it’s hard to track exactly what is effective NOW unless you live and breathe web.

From a freelancer’s perspective, even one prepared with skills in strong demand, new clients are shrouded in uncertainty and frustration. Working productively means understanding a new brand and business goals in short order, while gently educating the client: what tools are necessary? what features are cruft? what content is useful?

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02. October 2014 by jamesfacts
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I’m Looking For A Code Project

I’ve long been interested in  front-end web development, so recently I decided to set aside the time really dig in and study Javascript, CSS and HTML seriously. These studies are only as useful as the practice they’re put to, so I’d love to map out a real-life web site I can build from scratch and deploy for real users.

code project

Do you know of a project or organization who needs help building their web presence? A bit about my capabilities: I’m proficient in the usual front-end tools: CSS, JS and HTML. I don’t have significant back-end expertise, so my ideal project will not involve a database or CMS. I’m interested in taking the General Assembly FEWD course, so I may end up using this practice project as a class exercise.

Of course I plan to take a heavily discounted rate compared to what more seasoned pros might charge. For the right cause I’ll work pro bono. If you think you’ve got an idea that might interest me, please get in touch and we can chat more about what you’d like to build.

21. June 2013 by jamesfacts
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