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New Site Live For Meurice Garment Care

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of one of my favorite projects in 2012 – an all-new web site for Meurice Garment Care. It’s the result of months of work, and is built on key insights from traffic on the previous Meurice site as well as feedback from mangment, staff, and of course, customers.

The new look for garmentcare.com

The new look for garmentcare.com

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15. October 2012 by jamesfacts
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Meurice Garment Care in the Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing

I’ve worked with Meurice Garment Care for over three years, and in the process I’ve helped them revamp each aspect of their web presence – from the web site to paid advertising to social media. So it’s a nice feather in my cap to see Meurice featured as a case study in the recently published The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing.

I was interviewed for the book in December, but getting my hands on a published copy was humbling. Meurice’s 2,500 follower-strong Twitter account is discussed right in the second chapter, entitled “Twitter Done Right.” We’re directly after a company I’ve admired since I first got involved in digital marketing – Zappos!

More photos of the excerpt after the jump! And of course, I encourage everyone to buy the book on Amazon.


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15. June 2012 by jamesfacts
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Meurice Garment Care

Client: Meurice Garment Care

Work Performed: Managed web presence from top to bottom over three years. Managed two separate web site re-designs, launched two email marketing programs, maintained over 150 web profiles. Planned and executed SEO strategy, and created profitable PPC campaigns. Authored over 120 blog entries, and built social following on Twitter, Facebook and 4sq.

Meurice Garment Care Website

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02. April 2012 by jamesfacts
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