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Valuing Technology Fairly – Case Study In Seamless And Grubhub

seamless delivery guy on a bike

Quartz news recently posted an analysis of the commission GrubHub and Seamless charge to restaurants that participate in their advertising network. Working backward from a claimed billion dollars in delivery orders, QZ calculated that GrubHub and Seamless collected $137 million in revenue through an average commission that approaches 14 percent.

This is completely coconuts, of course, and it got me thinking about how to fairly value technology. Technology can do wonderful things to improve our lives, but most often it seems improve the fortunes of those who are already well off. In this case, technological profit seems to come at the cost of those already marginalized.

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29. April 2014 by jamesfacts
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Why do Seamless ads appeal to Recluses and Trolls?


If you’ve been in the NYC subway recently, you’ve probably seen a very thorough campaign run by Seamless.com. I love using Seamless, but it seems to me this campaign strikes an odd tone that fundamentally misunderstands the value in their service.

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05. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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