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HEY! This Is Important: Vol. 9

HEY! This Is Important is a (semi) weekly series in which I examine developments in the past week that impact internet culture.


Scott Dadich, EIC of WIRED, released a fascinating memo on office cleanliness, revealing himself to be a total lunatic. I guess we should have seen this coming.

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18. January 2015 by jamesfacts
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Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination

I recently spoke at a fantastic workshop put on by Fikriyyah George – the thinker and doer behind Brooklyn’s own SUPER HARBOR.

We covered a lot of ground in this presentation:

-figuring out which channels make sense for which businesses
-how to establish metrics and track your progress
-what a content strategy looks like, and where inspiration comes from
-where to find the conversations meaningful for you!
-how to reach an influencer (and their audiences!)

The entire presentation is linked below, or follow it over on Slideshare.

Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination from jamesfacts

22. September 2014 by jamesfacts
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What’s Wrong With $200 A Month For SM Content?

I have a client who recently asked if I would manage his brand’s social media accounts for a small retainer – $200 a month. He mentioned he had seen several small business SM consultants in his area offering content services as cheap as $95 per month and was surprised I wasn’t interested in offering anything similar.


He’s right. There are plenty of self-proclaimed social media “gurus” that do that kind of work. It’s rude to name names, but we’ve all seen “consultants” happy to fill your company’s Twitter account with inspirational quotes, engaging questions and blow-by-blow breakfast recaps. But I’m not one of them – it’s precisely that type of social media content that gives all of us in the biz a bad name.  

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28. March 2013 by jamesfacts
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Karin Slaughter

Client: Karin Slaughter, in anticipation of launch of Criminal

Work Performed: Site strategy, WordPress optimization, social media training

Karin Slaughter Website 2012

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19. July 2012 by jamesfacts
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Why Streaming Music Makes Me Sad

Spinning record

Photo credit: Flickr user Vasta

Tunes, it seems, have finally become entrenched in the cloud. Why download and store your music locally when subscription services (either very inexpensive, or based on incessant, obnoxious social media posts) ? I’ll admit it: Pandora is awesome. Rhapsody has a huge library and catchy TV advertising. Spotify has the ability to annoy me. YouTube seems to have just about everything.

I know the inextricable march of technology pauses for no man. I understand streaming is a superior music delivery, but it mostly makes me sad.

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12. April 2012 by jamesfacts
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Delezhen Jewelry

Client: Delezhen Jewelry

Work Performed: Site strategy, search optimization, social media training

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26. March 2012 by jamesfacts
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Here There Everywhere: News For Kids

Client: HTE Kids News

Work Performed: Site strategy, WordPress theme, social media training

Here, There Everywhere

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22. March 2012 by jamesfacts
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